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Shut It

Shut It is a simple version of the old pub favourite, Shut The Box. It can be played by one or two players, on the same iPhone or over bluetooth.

In one player mode, the aim is to close all the boxes, through combinations that total to the target number displayed above the boxes. The game will keep track of your average score and you can create profiles for other players to avoid having your stats messed up by your friends!

Setting up more than one profile in the game also allows you to access the two player mode. The rules for this mode are the same for if you are passing one iPhone between the two players or if you are playing via bluetooth. At the end of each turn, if the target number has been met, the player has the option to play again, or to pass to the other player. Results in the two player mode do not affect your one player mode stats - instead, you’re shown the overall score for this match.