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Simpsonics iOS applications



A simple version of a popular dice game.

Tap the button to roll, tap any of the dice to hold that die, tap a category to score the current roll. If the slot you want to score the roll in is not in view, drag the score sheet up or down until you can see where you want to score it.

In the ‘Settings’ application you’ll find an entry for Dicee. You can toggle the sound for when you roll five of a kind and you can also toggle a cheat mode - this gives you unlimited rolls, but the high score table will let everyone know how naughty you were. You can also set the zoom level for the score sheet, from having the whole sheet in view to having around half of it in view.

If a game is going a bit wrong and you want to restart, just shake your device and confirm when asked. You can also shake on the high score screen to clear the high scores.